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Гастроэнтерология (анг,рус)

Methodological Instruction to Lesson № 9.


Diseases of Gallbladder and Bile Ducts

Hours: 5.

Working place: classroom, hospital wards.



1.     Give the classification of gallstones.

2.     Name contents of gallstones.

3.     Give an epidemiology of gallstones.

4.     Give a pathogenesis of gallstones.

5.     Name risk factors and mechanism for cholesterol gallstones.

6.     What can you say about black and brown pigment stones mechanism formation (risk factors)?

7.     Name composition of black and brown pigment stones.

8.     What can you say about mixed stones?

9.     Can you see mixed stones radiographically? Why?

10.                        What can you say about size and localization of gallstones?

11.                        What is this biliary sludge?

12.                        Name four F`s risk factors.

13.                        Name clinical features in patient with Gallstones.

14.                        Name differential diagnosis in patient with Gallstones.

15.                        Name investigations in patient with Gallstones.

16.                        Name complications in patient with Gallstones.

17.                        Name treatment in patient with Gallstones.

18.                        Which is better open cholecystectomy or laparoscopic? Why?

19.                        What can you say about medical dissolution of Gallstones?

20.                        Name mechanism of action and side-effects of Ursodesoxicholic acid.

21.                        What can you say about biliary motor disorder.




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Prepared by Orlovsky A. V., assistant, c. m. s.,

                    Murenets N. A., postgraduate