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мас-спектрометрія нейтральних частинок, розпилених іонами з енергією ДО 170 кеВ



         Yeryomin S. О. Mass-spectrometry of neutral particles sputtered by ions with energies up to 170 keV. – Manuscript.

                Thesis for а scientific degree of candidate of science in physics and mathematics, by speciality 01.04.01 – physics of devices, elements and systems. – Sumy State University, Sumy, 2010.

         The thesis is devoted to experimental research of ion sputtering processes of solids in a wide range of primary ion energies using secondary neutral mass-spectrometry technique. For this purpose an installation for mass-spectrometric analysis of secondary neutrals, that allows working in the range of primary ion energies up to 170 keV, is built and the corresponding technique of measuring is developed.

         The technique of measuring the transmission factor of an ion-optical system of the monopole mass-analyzer and energy filter as a function of ion energies is offered. By means of computer simulation of electron and ion trajectories in sputtered particle analysis system the optimal potentials of ion-optical elements of the system, that correspond to the maximum sensitivity of the installation, are determined for each of the three operation modes.

         The mass-spectrometric research of neutral copper cluster emission and process of preferential sputtering of molybdenum isotopes at argon ion bombardment of surface in the ion energy range from 30 to 170 keV is conducted. The obtained experimental results are in good accordance with the theory of cluster formation at sputtering and the results of computer simulation of isotope preferential sputtering processes.

         Keywords: ion sputtering, mass-spectrometer, primary ions, secondary neutrals, energy filter, cluster, isotope.